ENVenture partners with mature Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Uganda that already operate in villages without electricity. ENVenture provides a soft clean energy total loan to start a business that sells clean energy products such as solar lamps, improved cookstoves, fuel briquettes, and water filters. Profits from the business are thus generated for the CBOs' activities. We find great importance in partnering with growth-potential CBOs looking to expand their programs, services and funding. We ensure that  partners we onboard have a mechanism that measures their impact, and efficiency in achieving their mission, as well as regular reporting of sales figures.     


Rural distributors lack access to up-front capital to wholesale volume clean energy from suppliers. ENVenture delivers affordable clean energy loans to qualified CBOs.

Through a unique loan graduation model that unlocks credit at each step, ENVenture’s credit line is for CBOs to purchase from ENVenture’s catalogue of high-quality solar products, water filters, fuel briquettes, and improved cookstoves, ensuring they have the means to buy stock at the beginning. CBOs determine through market research which technologies to buy and sell in their community.

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