Access to financing is  not  enough.  Because  financial literacy  is  low in Uganda,  many local  organizations  tackle  the  energy  access  problem  in  their communities through  give-aways and project-based donations. ENVenture has three inputs to build the capacity of cooperatives to launch sustainable distribution businesses:

Business 101 Bootcamp: ENVenture hosts all our partner staff for interactive regional empowered  entrepreneur  bootcamps  covering  topics  such as finance,  marketing, sales,  accounting,  and  business  management.                  


1:1  Mentorship: ENVenture  recruits  business  experts known as the Business Development Fellows. By working with youth, we are creating a new talent pipeline for the clean energy access sector. A good number of our Fellows have surpassed their expectations to fully diversify their enterprises to a level that is able to create a linkage to other income generating community activities.

Network:  Our CBO partner network has grown more  and  acquired the specific  experience in clean energy access. Through ENVenture’s replicator model  they ably serve  as  contacts  for  each  other. We encourage the partners to link directly with the cleantech product suppliers to   demonstrate   best   practices   and   knowledge sharing   to   prevent “reinventing the wheel” with each store launch.


Become a Business Development Fellow!

ENVenture  recruits  business  experts,  who  are  typically graduates  of University  business  programs,  to  serve  as  Business  Development Fellows.  During  the 3-month  Fellowship  period,  Fellows  support  and  train  the CBO  in  launching  the enterprise

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