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Only 19% of rural communities in Uganda have access to electricity, and there’s a historic opportunity to support the country to leapfrog fossil fuels. That’s where local clean energy entrepreneurs have a vital role.


Many entrepreneurs need mentorship and coaching to start new clean energy businesses. With the right support, these entrepreneurs can help their communities prosper and grow.  


Business Development Fellowship


ENVenture is an award-winning program that empowers community-based organizations (CBOs) in Uganda to become clean energy entrepreneurs. These CBOs provide essential services to communities across the country, and are perfectly placed to accelerate the uptake of clean energy. We provide loan and wraparound services to help them succeed, and that’s where you come in!


How fellows make an impact


The Fellowship program is an enriching experience that not only lets you gain on-hand experience, but also play a crucial role in providing cleantech products to local communities.


What will you do?


Where: Uganda (in person) with an ENVenture-supported CBO, many of which operate in rural and remote areas without access to electricity.

Duration: 3 months

Workload: full-time volunteers , 40 hours a week


All Fellows play a critical role in supporting and mentoring CBOs to set up their clean energy business, including:

  • Market research to decide on the most suitable clean energy products for the local community

  • Assessing the most appropriate business model

  • Supporting CBOs with their sales and marketing plans, and new business launch events

  • Transfer business development knowledge to the CBO during the fellowship programme that they can use to continue to operate their sustainable enterprise

  • Successfully support CBO to set up and start operations of their clean energy enterprise 


The Business Development Fellowship program is an enriching experience that not only provides on-hand experience, but also plays a crucial role in providing cleantech products to local communities.


Who can apply?


We recruit both international and local young professionals, typically graduates of University business programmes to serve as Business Development fellows.




I found out about ENVenture’s Business Development Fellowship program through the internet. I believe its work is helpful as they work with the lowest income people all over Uganda. It provides low-credit clean energy loans to small rural community-based organizations (CBOs) to launch sustainable energy businesses. The products that CBOs acquire are better for the environment and better in quality. The ENVenture partner-organization I worked with is called The Women Support Initiative (TWOSI).

Carla Diaz, Business Development Fellow 2018

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