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Training Consultancy

Green Innovation Challenge Fund to find innovative solutions for West Nile in the field of environment & energy

Client: Response Innovation Lab

Coverage: Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement 

Sector: Clean Energy Access

Period: January 2020


The Response Innovation Lab issued a call for ideas for the Green Innovation Challenge Fund. The call was based on a mapping exercise that identified the key gaps and shortcomings in energy access in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement. Various stakeholders, including ENVenture, that are currently addressing the energy challenge in refugee settlements participated and came up with a set of challenges. Using the identified challenges helped us in mapping our solution. ENVenture set out to introduce its innovation that has worked both in rural off grid Uganda and in Rhino refugee settlements. Having already incubated over 100 clean energy enterprises in rural Uganda, we applied the same approach in incubating clean energy kiosks in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement.

Read our more about this in our Blog here


Expectations from ENVenture;

Solutions to major challenges that refugees and host families face when trying to meet their energy needs
Ugandan-developed innovations (which may or may not include the use of technology)
Solutions that have already been tested/have achieved proof of concept and are ready to be piloted with communities
Organizations that are ready to offer their solutions to refugees and communities in host districts
Organizations that understand the needs of last-mile users and vulnerable households and/or individuals and have prior experience with the presented solution 

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May 2019

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp to support 200 microenterprise entrepreneurs with core entrepreneurship skills

The supporting microenterprise strengthening (SMS) project, focused on supporting micro-entrepreneurs both on-farm and off -farm to improve their businesses. specifically, the project  worked with micro-entrepreneurs, through capacity building and through matched grant support to prospective microenterprises. ENVenture designed a specialized microenterprise project with a specialized team to ensure the success of the SMS project and its ability to build from the increased market supply and demand developed by other Mercy Corps agricultural and livestock MSD programmes.

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